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Chilling Last Week, Chilly This Week

What did y'all do to the thermostat while I was out of the country last week?

In the Mid-South tonight, most of us are facing a FREEZE WARNING. Are we just skipping the rest of Fall? Going from anti-perspirant to scraping windshields in 36 hours is a dirty stunt by Mother Nature. It is good reminder to get your hose bibs covered ahead of longer (and deeper) cold spells.

On a slight rewind, the family took advantage of Fall break with a Caribbean cruise where "hot" & "humid" were the daily weather words.

We took a weeklong trip aboard Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas, featuring stops in Roatan, Honduras as well as Puerto Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico. I was very curious to see how the cruise line pulled off having an indoor promenade. There is a long walkway in the middle of the ship where you'll find shops, restaurants and street performers. If you check out the first photo (upper left) Royal Caribbean sells cabins that have windows overlooking the promenade. It's not a balcony, but I could see where it could help some folks overcome ahem, cabin fever.

The first three days were at sea. Royal Caribbean did a very good job of allotting space for ample deck chairs. I've been on cruises where 8am was sometimes too late. On Liberty however, we could get to the pool by 10am & still find three good seats.

We had tons of things to do...or not to do! I am not a surfer, but I'm not afraid to try something new. The ship has a boogie board ride, and I gave it a shot. Here is photographic proof that I held my least for a moment or two.

Our cabin featured a balcony, and our daughter's bed folded back into the ceiling. Great space saving technique, but my wife & I caught the brunt of falling books at 3 am more than once. New family rule: only paperback books on future cruises!

By the way isn't that towel origami impressive? Our Cabin Attendant was terrific and definitely made our comment cards as providing outstanding service. In addition to tipping, I think it's important that people get praise for work done well. As a parent, it's my hope I am doing a good enough job of her catching me saying "Hello," "Thank You," & "Please" to people I come across, if only briefly- not because I hope to gain by it, but because it can change someone's day.

Coming soon...

  • I held a sloth

  • SEVEN rounds of drinks & still standing!

In the meantime, enjoy this pic of (literally) a monkey on my back in Honduras.

Talk soon!

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